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Make a Splash with Your 2017 Summer Reading Program!

This summer is shaping up to be a season of serious hands-on creativity! Whether your library is planning on adopting iRead’s or the Collaborative Summer Library Program’s theme, we have plenty of clever, inspiring programming ideas for both routes.

iRead: Reading by Design

Get ready for some hands-on creativity with iREAD’s 2017 summer reading program. This year’s theme is “Reading by Design.” How can you inspire your patrons to creatively explore, design and imagine new worlds for themselves these next few months? Embrace big ideas with activities like these!

Programming Idea: Family Movie Night

Host a family movie night with a creative theme. Show one of these family-friendly, feel good films for a great evening of inspiration!

Collaborative Summer Library Program: Build a Better World

This summer’s theme of building a better world fits right in with encouraging kids in your library to explore the scientific world. Have you noticed the term STEM tossed around a lot lately? It refers to science, technology, engineering and math, and one reason why you might have heard about it is because there’s a huge demand for STEM degrees. Unfortunately, the field isn’t gaining as much traction, especially among women. Here’s how to encourage your patrons to dive into math, science and technology-related learning to build a better world.

Family-Friendly Programming Idea: Build something together.

What do a community garden, a public art project and a care package have in common? They’re all byproducts of activities your patrons can do to build a better community. Build a care package to send overseas, offer to clean up a local park, plant a community garden or even teach computer skills to the elderly. Anything that allows your patrons to give back will help support this summer’s mission of building a better world.

Whatever you do, bring everyone together at the end of the day to watch movies to go along with the theme.


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