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Celebrate National Library Week!

April 9th - 15th is National Library Week! It’s a week to celebrate all that libraries do for communities. This year’s theme is, “Libraries Inspire.” Honor libraries, librarians and reading with these fun ideas!

Book Buffet

Introduce young patrons to a variety of literature in a short amount of time with a book buffet! It will familiarize them to new types of genres they might not pick up otherwise.

Start off by collecting different genres, like biographies, nonfiction, mysteries and classic children’s books. Then, set a timer for about eight minutes, and give each child a book as they sit in a circle. When the timer starts, they should begin reading and not stop until the timer goes off. At that point, they quickly pass their book to the right. This continues until each child has a chance to read a “sample” of different books.

At the end of the activity, ask each kid if they would like to continue to read any of the books they sampled. You’ll be surprised by how many hands shoot up!

Host a “How Our Library’s Transforming” Event

During the week, invite patrons to come hear all about the ways your library’s branch is changing. Community members will be delighted to get the inside scoop on what’s to come, and they’ll be reminded of all the great things your library does. Serve light refreshments and have a staff member available to read to any kids that tag along. Consider showing a movie afterward to award the patrons for coming, and keep the celebrations of the week going by choosing a film that includes a librarian character! Here are some suggestions:

Marian Paroo

Evelyn Carnahan

Gloria Mundy

Transform a Book into a Movie!

Don't forget about the older kids! Invite middle and high school-aged students to take part in a fun challenge transforming a book into a movie. Ask that they pick a title that's not yet hit the big screen so their originality can truly shine through. Then they each become casting directors as they choose famous actors and actresses to play the characters. Next, have them put the actors into action by creating a script of either the entire movie or a select scene or two. If they'd like to get artistic, have them design a promotional poster for the movie to display around the library. If participants are extra devoted to this activity, invite them to perform their masterpiece for the entire library. A special treat for everyone!

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