Advertising Guidelines

Please review the following guidelines when advertising movie events. Advertising guidelines are suggestions only and are in no way connected to the copyright law. All guidelines are subject to change at the discretion of the producing studio.

Advertising Inside Your Library and to Registered Borrowers:

Within the library building, you are free to advertise the movie title, studio name and movie artwork. Artwork cannot be altered and must contain the studio’s copyright, for example: ©Walt Disney Pictures.

You are also free to advertise the movie title, studio name and movie artwork on the Library’s website as well as in correspondence such as standard mailings, emails and monthly newsletters to registered borrowers/card holders of the library. The library website is considered another branch of the library, a virtual branch, allowing for such advertising.

Movie Licensing USA makes it easy to create publicity with customizable posters, bookmarks and movie tickets that are already properly copyrighted. This feature can be found on our website at Your customer number is located on your license certificate. Copyrighted movie images are also available using the movie search feature on our website. Artwork found on the MLUSA website can be used to advertise your event as long as it is not altered and includes the studio’s copyright, for example: ©Walt Disney Pictures.

Advertising in Social Media

If the public library’s social media is set to private, the title may be used. If the social media is not set to private, it is recommended the title not be included. The movie event may be promoted on the social media page with a link to the title on the library’s website, driving traffic to the library website.

Advertising in Public Media

If you choose to advertise through public media (such as public radio, television, or newspaper ), you may do so, as long as your message does not include the movie title and studio name. For example, "Join us at Anytown Library for a Neighborhood Movie Night at 7:00 pm" is permitted.

The reason for these guidelines is to avoid direct competition with a local movie theatre(s).


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