Adult and Senior Programming Ideas

Your adults and seniors will appreciate entertaining programs based on their unique interests. With a Public Performance Site License from Movie Licensing USA, you can be copyright compliant while enhancing your library programs with ideas from this list or any of our Genre Listings.

Chick Lit movie night

Make the most of this new genre. Host a Chick Lit Movie Night at the library! You can find a listing of popular Chick Lit novels at or compare adaptations you've read from our Books to Movies page.

Coffee, donuts & a Movie for Seniors

Annual Site Licensed libraries are finding success in movie programs for seniors called Coffee, Donuts and a Movie. They gather on Saturday mornings to watch a classic film and have an open discussion after the showing. Feedback from patrons has been very positive; these programs have become something of a social club and have a faithful following.

History buffs

Show historical films and hold a contest afterwards. See who can find the most historical truths and inconsistencies in the film. These films make for great holiday or display tie-ins.

For other articles and programming ideas for Adult and Senior events, visit our Newsletter Features page.

Have Fun With Trivia

Hold a movie trivia contest in your library for your biggest movie buffs. Find quiz questions from classic movies about by searching movies from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s or choose to feature questions from other genres like Westerns or Parodies. You can even pick a film to show as a finale to the contest!

Start a Book to Movie Group

Start a book to movie discussion group using ideas provided on our Books to Movies page and those in "Paper & Premiere" in Movie Licensing USA's own magazine, Check It Out. You can also find other book to movie titles in our Books and Literature genre, or search for a specific author like Ernest Hemingway or Mark Twain.

Bring the Community Together

Help bring the community together in your library with movie nights and other ideas from the Check It Out article "Building Community With Your Library".

Watch and Learn

Looking to entertain and inform? Check out the documentaries featured in "Mixing Entertainment With Education" in Check It Out. You can also search for additional films in Documentaries.

Celebrate the Holidays

Find a holiday classic in Check It Out's "Holiday Favorites" or search our genres to find Christmas Films, Thanksgiving Films, Horror and Halloween Movies, and Easter Films. Our Monthly Calendar can help you find other programming ideas throughout the year.

Embrace Fine Art

Support the arts in your library with films on your favorite artists, composers, dancers and more. Authors and Writers and Painters and Other Artists feature great movies about famous works of art and their creators. "Get Smart With Art" in Check It Out has additional ideas on how to tie fine arts into your library programming.

Host an International Film Festival

Invite the community to experience the world at your library. Choose one of our international films from International Films or search by regions like Italy, France and Spain. Pair your movies with cultural activities based on the movies location, like a presentation on the running of the bulls in Spain or an Italian gelato-making lesson.

Relive History

Search for movies by Historical Events or History and invite a historian or veteran to speak about the subject of the film you choose. Hold a discussion after the movie to talk about what is fact and what is fiction.

Go Green

Inform and entertain your community about the environment with titles from Earth Day/Sustainability Movies. Invite a speaker to give tips on how your patrons can live greener lives.

Support your favorite team

Celebrate the big game at your library. Hold a party for sports fans of all ages and show a Sports movie as the entertainment before the big game!


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